Inside Wiring and Wire Maintenance Plan Rates

Business customers -- If you lease your business space, inside wire maintenance may not be your responsibility. Contact your landlord or property manager to determine who is responsible.

Inside Wiring and Wire Maintenance Plan Details

The Inside Wire and Jack Maintenance Plan from Communications Plus provides diagnosis and repair of the inside wiring and jacks used with the telephone lines served by Communications Plus.

• Optional monthly service

• Available to Communications Plus residential and business customers with one or two lines.

• Covers labor and materials for Communications Plus technician to perform diagnostic work to determine the location of a problem and make repairs on telephone inside wiring and jacks

• Takes effect 30 days from enrollment in the plan

• Pre-existing conditions and problems with a customer’s inside wiring or telephone jacks not covered

The Communications Plus Inside Wire Maintenance and Jack Plan does not include any repair work on any equipment other than the Communications Plus customer's inside wire and jacks on their premises

Not covered by Inside Wire and Jack Maintenance Plan

• Repair of telephone instruments and other devices, such as answering machines and computer modems
• Damage due to natural disaster, lightning, fire, or water
• Repair of damage due to malicious activity, vandalism, riot, or civil disturbance
• Repair or replacement of wiring that does not meet telephone industry standards or the National Electric Code Material Standards for carrying telephone signals

Check equipment before reporting an inside wire trouble

Avoid a repair service call charge! Test your equipment before you call to report an inside wire problem. You will be billed when a technician is dispatched and the problem is related to your equipment.

• Check all telephone cords - from jack to telephone base and from telephone base to the handset. Make certain they are not loose or damaged.

• Hang up all telephones. Ensure all equipment is working - answering machines, fax machines, Caller ID boxes, computer modems, and telephone sets.

• Unplug each piece of equipment from the phone jack and the electrical outlet. Leave everything unplugged for 5 minutes.

• Plug in the equipment one item at a time. Check each time you add a piece of equipment to see if the trouble occurs again.

If all equipment is properly functioning, call Communications Plus to report the problem.
304 985-7587 (985-PLUS)

Communications Plus Business line $4 per line, per month
Available to 1 and 2 line Businesses only

Pre-existing conditions and problems with your inside wiring or telephone jacks are not covered within this plan. If you do not have a maintenance plan, you may make your own repairs, hire someone else to repair the wiring or hire Communications Plus to repair the wiring (time and labor charges will apply for each service call).

The charges for this plan are subject to change by Communications Plus. Other exclusions and restrictions may apply. Contact Communications Plus for more details.

Test before calling Communications Plus
Test before calling to report trouble
Inside Wire and Outside Line
Network Interface Device (NID) Testing

Contact Communications Plus Repair at - 304 985-7587 for further instructions.