Network Interface Device (NID) Testing

Follow these testing steps to determine if the problem is inside wiring or outside line (network).

You will need a screwdriver, a working telephone to connect to the (NID), a flashlight, and a copy of this procedure. Please note, your NID may be different than the one pictured.

1. Using a screwdriver with insulated handle, unscrew and open the Network Interface Device cover at the Customer Access point.
2. Disconnect the modular plug from the test jack. This disconnects your inside wiring from Communication Plus’ lines.
3. Wait one (1) minute, and then insert the plug from a telephone set you know is working. Your phone is now plugged directly into the Communications Plus line.
4. Try placing a call with your telephone.
o If the problem is not corrected, the problem is in Communication Plus’ lines. Contact Communication Plus for repair.
o If the problem is gone, the trouble is on your inside wiring, equipment, jacks or telephone set.
5. After you have finished your test, disconnect your testing telephone and securely re-insert the original modular plug. Close the cover and screw the fastener down until the cover is snug and tight.