Residential Calling Features

Anonymous Call Rejection
Reject calls from people who have prevented their number from displaying on Caller ID display units
(Offered at no charge with Caller ID)

Call Forwarding Busy
Incoming calls are forwarded to another number or voice mail when your line is busy

Call Forwarding No Answer
Incoming calls are forwarded to another number or voice mail when your line is not answered

Call Forwarding No Answer Enhanced
Select the number of rings (from 2-9) your phone rings before calls are forwarded when your line is not answered

Call Forwarding Variable
(monthly and per call options)
Temporally forward all incoming calls to another number

Call Forwarding Deluxe
Turn on, turn off, or change call forwarding from any location /phone

Call Return (*69)
(monthly and per call options)
Automatically dial the last call you received

Call Trace
(Per Trace only)
Trace the number of the last call you received

Call Transfer
Transfer any established call to another number
Requires Three-way calling feature

Call Waiting
Alerts you with a beep if someone else is trying to call you while you are already on the phone

Call Waiting Enhanced
Know who is trying to reach you when you’re already on the phone
Offered at no charge to subscribers with both Caller ID & Call Waiting

Caller ID
Allows you to see the callers name and phone number before answering

Caller ID Blocking
(monthly and per call options)
Prevents your phone number from being displayed on Caller ID devices

Do Not Disturb
Prevent incoming calls from ringing in your office

Distinctive Ring
Know who is calling by hearing a distinctive ring

Line Hunting Service
Route incoming callers to the first available line

Off-Hook Auto-Dial Service
A pre-selected number is automatically dialed when your phone is off the hook

Priority Call
Hear a special ring when you receive a call from one of your priority callers (up to 10 numbers)

Remote Call Forwarding
Let people reach your business with a local number, even if you are outside their local calling area

Repeat Dial
(monthly and per call options)
Redial automatically the last number dialed

Selective Call Acceptance
Allow calls from 10 pre-selected numbers and block all other calls

Selective Call Forwarding
Automatically forward calls from up to 10 telephone numbers to an alternate number

Selective Call Rejection
Block calls from up to 12 pre-selected numbers

Speed Calling 8
Dial up to 8 frequently-called numbers using a one-digit code

Speed Calling 30
Dial up to 30 frequently-called numbers using a two-digit code

Three-way Calling
(monthly and per call options)
Turns a two way conversation into a three way conference call

Toll Control with PIN
Restrict toll calls from a telephone unless a PIN is entered

Visual Message Waiting Indication
Receive notification that you have new voice mail messages with a visual display and stutter dial tone

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